Lately in South Africa this is the discussion that is probably attracting the most interest amongst project people. It is also this move to a more flexible methodology that is bringing a lot of opportunity for the blind leading the blind and the deaf leading the blind.

What exactly is it that a large corporate need to considder when it comes to any Agile methodology and what exactly is it that you must whatch out for? Lets start with the dangerous statements made by people and what it will mean. In reading this post it is important to note that you should keep your mind open to logical choices and not just simply follow people’s statements blindly.

Agile is Scrum and Scrum is Agile

It is important to note that there is a disctinct difference between the different Scrum methodologies. Each of them have their place and purpose and should never be compared in general as if it is some competition between them. But it is important to note that Agile is not Scrum. Scrum is one of the Agile Methodologies that can be followed for Iteritive Development. Arround the Scrum methodology there is normally a corporate environment that requires its own governance and project structure in order for Scrum to work effectively.  

Roelof is a mentor, trainer and public speaker, experienced in an array of various industries including marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership and project management. Being involved within the financial services industry both as a IT and Business Project Manager he is a strong supporter of applying the appropriate Project Management Methodology for its purpose and specialize in deploying Agile within the complexity of large organisations.